Safety and Health


Jordan is an appropriate environment   for the study of the Arabic Language; there is a comfortable and a safe environment to learn about life because Jordanians are educated and conscious. 

Jordan reflects on the Arab culture. The foreigners can take an idea about the Arabs just from one place which is Jordan. Also, there are many tourist areas, luxury hotels, ancient and modern cafes which make the students feel comfortable and relaxed.

The Jordanian people are educated and they know a lot about the world. They are also willing to communicate with foreigners; moreover, they are more than happy to lend a helping hand to everyone at any time. This will make the program effective and it will help the students inside the class by being able to understand and participate in the lesson and outside by being able to communicate with people in daily life.


Jordan has an advanced health care system. There are many big hospitals and many qualified doctors. The high quality care services have been attracting regional patients from Eastern and African countries.