Tours and Excursions

MALIC supports language programs through two important sides in students’ life during the program period which are education and entertainment.

MALIC organizes cultural educational tours because we believe that indulging in culture and learning a new language are part and parcel.

Herein educational activities included:

  1. Visiting rural areas as well as villages to deal with residents and to be acquainted with their nature of life.
  2. Visiting a Jordanian family for a whole day in which they would have dinner to be introduced to Jordanian families’ daily life.
  3. Visiting cultural centers, several libraries and watching movies and plays.
  4. Meeting with known figures; such as writers, politicians, MPs, and militaries to be familiar with their visions and experiences.
  5. Visiting some mosques and religious places in order to be introduced to the reality of religion and its importance in the Arab Culture.
  1. Tourist entertaining trips: We take into consideration that Jordan has many tourist places which students should visit for cultural and entertaining purposes; such as Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash, Ajloun, The Dead Sea, etc.